[Seoul’s best coffee shops] Liike; 리이케

The soothing sound of the rain provides a comforting backdrop on a chilly morning like today. A small lamp sheds its golden glow. A cup of perfectly brewed coffee warms my hands. And a delightful cheesecake sits mere inches away. The rain picks up. The drumming of the droplets against the window becomes more prominent. A rhythm of comfort. This. This is the perfect way to start the day.

About Liike;

Welcome to Liike (pronounced “lee-ee-keh”).

A coffee shop in Seoul’s Seongbuk district that roasts and brews coffee.

“Liike” is a Finnish word meaning shop or store.

Opening hours
Weekdays 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Weekends 12:00pm – 7:00pm
*closed on Wednesdays


A soothing colour palette of beige, browns, and white sets the tone for a pleasant environment.

A large window looks unto the street and welcomes in natural light.

And plants placed around the shop offer colour and energy to their surroundings.

At Liike, guests are asked to refrain from taking photographs.

Using the space for the purpose of taking photos, rather than enjoying the coffee and peace it offers, detracts from its ambience and may effect other guests.

We want our guests to relax in a quiet space. We don’t want the space and time where others enjoy coffee to be disturbed by people taking pictures.



Liike does their roasting in-house, with their available roasts on display for guests to see and smell.

*roasted beans are available online and in-store.

The reason we chose this building was because coffee roasting would be possible. It was a space that was the size to hold what we wanted.


When guests buy our coffee beans and enjoy them deliciously, it makes us happy.


For a peaceful morning, taking shelter from a light spring shower, take a moment of rest at Liike. Where the coffee and atmosphere will be sure to offer you exactly what need.

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– ㅇㅊ