[Seoul’s best coffee shops] Koffee Sniffer; 커피 스니퍼

I look out of the window and watch those who pass, immersed in deep conversation. Jazz music plays in the background as I take a sip of my coffee. This feeling. It reminds me of vacation. And I don’t want to let it go.


Koffee Sniffer is located in one of Seoul’s commercial districts, just around the corner from City Hall Station (시청역).

It is a location that brings nostalgia to mind. Memories of being on vacation. A time when you had no worries, no stresses, no hurry to be anywhere.

It was an area that fit well with what we were aiming for.

Eun Su Shin, Koffee Sniffer

Opening hours
Weekdays 8:00am – 8:00pm
Weekends 10:00am – 8:00pm
*last order 7:30pm

Koffee Sniffer; the meaning behind the name

The government banned coffee during the late 1700s in Europe.

This ban did not sit well with people, so they began to smuggle coffee into the country.

To put a stop to the smuggling, the government created the role of “coffee sniffers”: individuals who were tasked with finding illegal coffee roasteries and putting a stop to them.

cof·fee sniff·er
/ˈkôfē,ˈkäfē/ /ˈsnifər/
a person tasked with finding the illegal roasting of coffee

Despite the past coffee regulations, we were inspired by the affectionate hearts of the people who secretly hid and enjoyed coffee.

In the past, it was the role of a coffee sniffer to detect and control coffee. But, in the present, we want to be a Koffee Sniffer that delivers good coffee to those who love it.

Eun Su Shin, Koffee Sniffer


Walking in, you’re greeted with an air of friendliness.

As you come up to order at the counter, the experienced and knowledgeable baristas will help you find the coffee that best suits your taste.

“create the new coffee culture with koffee sniffer”

At Koffee Sniffer, there is no divide between barista and customer.

Coffee bridges that gap.

And conversations flow naturally.

It’s so nice to see people of all ages filling up the streets of Bukchang-dong and the seats of Koffee Sniffer, while having good conversations with coffee.

Eun Su Shin, Koffee Sniffer
Take your pick: apple pie or pain aux raisins? But then again, why settle for one when you can get both?
Homemade cookies: almond chocolate and oat cranberry


Koffee Sniffer makes it a priority to select quality beans before roasting.

Good quality coffee is selected through cupping. We check the coffee with an emphasis on maintaining its taste and a clean cup.

Seonbon Won, Koffee Sniffer
Incense Blend

The Incense Blend focuses on coffee flavour and features a subtle berry aroma and a fruity compote dipped in brown sugar.

Seonbon Won, Koffee Sniffer

Ethiopia 70%, Brazil 30%
Tasting notes: berry like, fruit compote, brown sugar

The aroma of Ethiopian coffee in the blend is characterized by light floral and dried berry. The Brazilian coffee, which accounts for 30% of the blend ratio, balances it by emphasizing the sweetness of the sugar browning series that is expressed during roasting.” [Seonbon Won, Koffee Sniffer]

Incense Blend. Tasting notes: berry like, fruit compote, brown sugar.
Ethiopia 70%, Brazil 30%
Sniffer Blend

The Sniffer Blend is characterized by a well-balanced taste that combines heavy aromas with a subtle acidity.

Seonbon Won, Koffee Sniffer

Colombia 50%, Brazil 50%
Tasting notes: low acidity, vanilla, roasted almond, soft texture

“Colombian coffee is characterized by a citrus-like flavour and generally has a clean sweet taste, making it a coffee that combines well with our choice of Brazilian coffee. Brazilian coffee has a low density of green beans and requires find calorie control when roasting. By setting the appropriate development ratio for the entire roasting time, the acidity is lowered and the nutty and toasty flavours are emphasized.” [Seonbon Won, Koffee Sniffer]

Sniffer Blend. Tasting notes: low acidity, vanilla, roasted almond, soft texture.
Colombia 50%, Brazil 50%

The next time you find yourself in need of a break, take a moment of rest at Koffee Sniffer.

In addition to the delicious coffee, the warm smiles and hearts of the baristas will give you a rest from the world.

It’s the perfect place to think, relax, and take a much-needed moment for yourself.

For more on Korea’s coffee culture, click this link.

– ㅇㅊ