[Seoul’s best coffee shops] ACOFFEE; 에이커피

In absolute awe. I watch as he prepares the coffee. This is his craft. His art. His performance. And I’m captivated. He’s in his own world. And I get to experience that world, if only for but a brief moment, when that cup of coffee is put into my hands.


ACOFFEE, a boutique coffee roastery based in Melbourne, has opened a second branch. This time, opening its doors a bit further from home – in Seoul.

The Seoul location can be found in the Buam-dong (부암동) neighbourhood.

It is surrounded by mountainside and art museums. And to make it more enticing, you’ll encounter a peaceful atmosphere unlike any other in Seoul.

When it snows, a blanket of absolute silence envelops this area. Where the only noises you’ll hear are the sounds of your breath against the frigid air and the crunch of your steps over the newly fallen snow.

Opening hours
Weekdays 9:00am – 7:00pm
Weekends 10:00am – 8:00pm
*for updates in opening times, please refer to the ACOFFEE Instagram page

There’s just a unique beauty in simplistic details, don’t you think?

Warm coffee. Warm soul.

An atmosphere of warmth greets you as you enter.

A defrost of both body (cold from the winter) and heart (cold from the fast-paced nature of city life).

From the moment you step foot inside, you are greeted like an old friend.

You are welcomed.

For a lot of people, I’m the first person they will see in the morning. I want to help start their day off on a positive note.



Preserve natural flavours. Enhance distinctive characteristics.

ACOFFEE’s motto.

A phrase that perfectly encapsulates their values and sets the tone for all of their efforts.

preserve natural flavours, enhance distinctive characteristics

We do a light roasting because we don’t want to lose the characteristics of the actual coffee bean. It’s our way of respecting the farmers. We don’t want to ruin their work. What we do want to do, however, is to bring out the characteristics of the coffee beans and enhance them.

Latte being made at ACOFFEE
Memories of a happy moment in time; latte + mocha
Pour Over [Wolichu Wachu, Ethiopia; Gicherori, Kenya]

Design; Studio Unravel

Creative Studio Unravel, a multidisciplinary design studio, is the genius behind ACOFFEE’s design.

More with less.

That’s what comes to mind in this space.

The minimalist design – which uses limited shades and hues, and features raw concrete to create clean lines and stark contrasts – brings together a space that channels tranquility, clarity of thought, and peace of mind.

For a good time with a delicious cup of coffee, spend a few hours at ACOFFEE Seoul Showroom the next time you’re in Buam-dong.

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