[Gyeonggi’s best coffee shops] Lilac House; 라일락그집

“Good people create good things”, I think as I sit here sipping my coffee on this chilly morning. It’s as if their spirit and their essence infuses itself with everything they do. Whatever they put their mind to and create keeps with it their kindness, passion, and happy spirit. In this case, in the way the coffee is made, in the way the food is served, in every aspect of the cafe itself.

“No wonder Lilac House is such a great place. No wonder.”

I smile, and take another sip of my coffee.

라일락그집; Lilac House (a name inspired by the lilac tree growing beautifully in front of the cafe)

About an hour and a half north of Seoul, sitting in between two mountains, you’ll find a quaint city called Uijeongbu.

It’s here that you’ll find Lilac House. A home that has renovated its ground level into a cozy cafe.

The beauty in simplicity

Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday 10:00am – 8:00pm
Closed Sunday & Monday
*check the official Instagram page (@lilac__house) for updates*

Lilac House is a family’s collection of dreams coming together.

The mom’s dream had been to build a building. The younger son, Jongmin, dreamed of having a shop on the first floor of their building and living together with his family on the upper floors. So, Jongmin learned about coffee and, with his brother (a cook), they decided to open Lilac House.

As sweet as lilacs, say hello to the Lilac House team!

The best thing about working alongside your family is that when you have a hard time, you can help each other without having to voice it. And after work, you can get a lot of feedback through conversations at home.

Jongmin Kim, Lilac House co-owner

Feels just like home

Three words: cozy. happy. simple.

A perfect combination. Especially on a chilly autumn morning, when the sun shines in through the blinds just right.


Lilac House is a place where you can comfortably spend a few hours lost in thought, entranced in a book, or socializing with friends.

I hope that you feel peaceful in a quiet place, eat delicious brunch with someone you love, and be comfortable and happy, just as you would be at home.

Jongmin Kim

Coffee + Brunch

Everyday, from 10:00am – 4:30pm, Lilac House offers brunch to guests.

Let me warn you now – it will be difficult to pick only one side or meal from the brunch menu. Each item has a unique appeal of its own, so you’re left wanting to try each one.

The flavours in each dish compliment one another. Each ingredient brings something special to the table, while not detracting from the rest. All the flavours come together in harmony, leaving you wishing for more.

레몬에이드 (lemonade), paired with 홍콩토스트 (french toast, kaya jam, butter, maple syrup) and 연어포케 (a poke bowl with special rice, raw salmon, avocado, salad, and lime dressing).
Latte and 가츠산도 (pork cutlet sandwich)

A variety of coffee invites visitors to take their pick. Don’t know what you’d prefer? Don’t be shy and ask the staff – they’ll find you a coffee that’s best fit for you!

For first-time visitors, the owner recommends their white-base cafe latte (화이트베이스 카페라떼) and their hand drip coffee (핸드드립커피).

Jongmin working his coffee magic

Lilac House’s cuddly mascot

Meet Bonggu (봉구), Lilac House’s most famous member.

Where are you looking?? I’m right beside you!

He’s got some killer dance moves, if I do say so myself.

Give him a few pats for me when you visit!

What do you think makes a great cafe? Is it the mood? The coffee? Is it something else? Let us know in the comments below!

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