[Seoul’s best coffee shops] PONT Coffee; 폰트커피

It’s serene and calm, and I finally find myself in tune with my thoughts.

When was the last time everything was so clear? I can’t remember. The fast pace of Seoul has clouded my mind for so long. Like a veil in front of my eyes. Yet, I sit here and the veil is being lifted. Everything seems to fall right into place.

The soothing sound of coffee being made, the murmur of conversations floating around, and the warm latte I hold in my hands – all lending themselves to this moment I will remember for years to come.

Welcome to PONT

PONT opened to the public a little over two months ago, and has already been garnering the interest and praise of many.

The name itself comes from the French word “pont”, which means bridge. Just as a bridge connects two things together, PONT Coffee aims bring together coffee producers and consumers.


You can find PONT tucked away in a neighbourhood that has been frozen in time. A neighbourhood that still maintains traces of older days.

With its white and clean look, the cafe stands out among this setting. Yet, it surprisingly still fits in perfectly. Like a missing piece of a puzzle.

19-16 Hangang-daero 15-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
서울 용산구 한강대로15길 19-16

Opening hours
Daily 11:00 – 21:00

More with less

When someone visits our cafe, my hope is that they can enjoy quality coffee comfortably. So we designed the cafe with a good atmosphere in mind.

Hoyoung Kang, PONT co-owner

PONT presents a minimalist theme, creating more with less.

White walls pair beautifully with oak-coloured furnishings and brick-coloured tiles. Greenery is also scattered throughout the cafe, providing it with a splash of colour.

To put it simply, the cafe has a timeless, clean look.

Studio stof

Studio stof is a design studio in Seoul and was the creative genius behind PONT Coffee’s design.

Having been so impressed with the mood that the cafe gives off solely from the way that it has been designed, I reached out to Studio stof and they graciously answered some questions for me.

How long did it take to design and make the cafe?

It took about two months to design the cafe and also about two months to construct it.

What was your vision when making the cafe?

A huge number of cafes are popping up every year. And because of this, it can be competitive. So, I think what’s most important is to strategically plan a brand and create a space that contains the brand rather than simply creating a cafe that looks nice. We should have a long-term vision for the cafe, and we can do this by focusing on the cafe’s content.

Where do you get inspiration from when you design?

If it’s an existing brand, inspiration comes from the brand’s characteristics, direction, and archives.
If it’s a new project, it is inspired by the client’s thoughts, the shape of the building, the brand name – and from there we create a story.

When you designed this cafe, did you have a feeling in mind? For example, a cafe that gives people comfort or creates feelings of happiness.

PONT means bridge in French. The client said that the role of the cafe was to connect the producers and consumers, which coincidentally the building itself connected two roads back and forth. So, we wanted this space to be a place where people could comfortably communicate with one another, be relaxed, and experience good coffee. And it could also be an interesting space to experience the heritage of a building that is over 60 years old.

When someone creates a cafe with such an impressive vibe, you want to learn more from them and also share about their creative process with others. Thank you Studio stof for speaking with me and giving me the opportunity to share your vision with others!

For more information about the design, you can read ArchDaily’s article here about Studio stof’s creative vision for PONT Coffee or check out Studio stof’s website here.


PONT provides an impressive list of beverages. Hot, cold. Sweet, bitter. All, and everything in between. There’s something for every taste and preference.

A variety of drinks – including various filter coffees: Ethiopia, Honduras, Brazil – and soon: Guatemala!

All the coffee that we use is Specialty Coffee, meaning that it is high quality coffee.

Hoyoung Kang

For first-time guests, the Single Origin filter coffee is recommended because you will be able to taste the various flavours of coffee.

For Espresso lovers, you can choose between Overtime and Hoist blends.

[Overtime blend] Tasting note: dried fruit, chocolate, full body, well-balanced.
[Hoist blend] Tasting note: tangerine, apple juice, syrupy, cacao, complex.

And for those looking for something without the caffeine, there’s a variety of drinks to choose from. Soothing teas, refreshing ades, and my all-time favourite: PONT’s fresh juice.

Made fresh in-store!
Fresh juice (프레시 쥬스): orange, lemon balm, and honey.
A glass of fresh juice, a warm latte, a delightful croissant, and a sweet brownie. What more could you ask for on a weekend morning?

Baked treats

There’s no better pairing with coffee than a delicious baked dessert. And PONT doesn’t dissappoint!

But the question then becomes, how do you choose which one to eat when they’re all delicious? You don’t. You eat them all and get fat. That’s the answer.

The next time you’re in the area, make sure to enjoy a few hours at PONT. You won’t want to miss out on the pleasant atmosphere and the exquisite coffee.

What’s your favourite pairing with coffee? Do you enjoy something sweet or prefer something that won’t detract from the taste of your drink?
Let us know in the comments below!

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