[Seoul’s best coffee shops] Namusairo; 나무사이로

Hmm, here is a path
that winds its way
through the trees (pronounced “Na-mu-sa-i-ro” in Korean)
Look at this path.
It is living and breathing
holding so many footsteps
in its bosom
Look at this path.
Standing here on the path
I’m dreaming of the world over the mountain.

[Path] by Kim Hwal-seong
the poem that began Namusairo’s journey.

음, 여기
굽이치며 흐르는
이 길을 보아라
그 많은
발자욱 품고
살아 숨쉬는
이 길을 보아라
난 이 길 위에 서서
저 산 너머를 꿈꾸네

[길]김활성의 노래

Welcome to Namusairo [나무사이로].

A path through the trees: Namusairo [나무사이로]

As I sit here in the early hours of the morning, I feel at peace. Only one other customer sits to the far left, reading a book, enjoying the tranquility just as much as me. Delicate music plays in the backdrop. French lyrics can be heard throughout the song. This is a moment of bliss. A moment of happiness. A moment just for me.

What better way to start your day than with a warm vanilla latte?

Namusairo opened its doors and began welcoming guests in 2002. Over these last two decades, it has introduced to many the different sides and charms of coffee.

By bringing together a traditional ambiance with notes of modernity, constantly striving towards quality and finesse, and employing creativity and artistic vision, Namusairo has created a new way for individuals to experience a cup of coffee.

And they have ensured that a part of their customers’ lives is made beautiful and comfortable through their brews.

From seed to cup: the process of making coffee

The coffee you enjoy has taken a long journey to arrive in your cup.

We can simplify this journey to 10 main steps, all of which require meticulousness and care:

  1. Planting coffee seeds
  2. Harvesting cherries
  3. Processing cherries
  4. Drying beans
  5. Milling beans
  6. Exporting beans
  7. Tasting coffee
  8. Roasting coffee
  9. Grinding coffee
  10. Brewing coffee
“A good cup of coffee starts from good ingredients.” [Namusairo].

Namusairo holds the belief that a good cup of coffee starts from good ingredients – so, they are involved from the very first step of the coffee-making process to ensure quality.

It is important for Namusairo to use new crops, coffees that are traceable, and to listen to the farmers’ stories and share these with their customers.

We had the opportunity to go to Peru and observe the cultivation of the beans for coffee production. It was raining and we were heading back in a truck. On the side of the road, we saw a worker waiting for the bus. She was a mother. She had a very heavy bag of beans strapped to her back and her small baby was strapped to her front. That image will never leave my mind. Every time I have a cup of coffee I appreciate it so much more, knowing where it came from and how much effort has been put into each cup.

– Sejung Kim (Namusairo staff)

An assortment of cold brews.

When we roast our coffee beans, we send some to the farmers to share our appreciation with them.

Sejung Kim

Namusairo specialty coffees

Specialty coffee is a term used for the highest grade of coffee available. This exceptional coffee is both farmed and brewed to a significantly higher than average standard.

Essentially, it is made from coffee beans that are well-prepared, freshly roasted, and properly brewed.

At Namusairo, the specialty coffees will change throughout the year to ensure that what is being brewed and served is at its best.

Why just go once? Go throughout the year and excite your senses with the different tastes and aromas of Namusairo’s hand drip coffees.

Coffee tip : taste your coffee at different temperatures!
Temperature can impact your experience of coffee. Really hot coffee tastes one way, lukewarm coffee still another. And you’ll still get more tastes at room temperature, cold, or iced. Once your coffee starts to cool, you’ll begin to pick out some new nuanced and delicate flavour notes and aromas. This change takes place because of chemical reactions that are triggered by the change in temperature.

Did you know?
Namusairo collaborates with other artists and creative minds. Whether it’s for their packaging, their cup designs, or anything in between – Namusairo brings the best to the table through collaborative efforts with other creatives.

What do you look for in a cup of coffee?
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